[Minecraft] WordPress Minecraft Administration Plugin

WordPress Minecraft Administration Plugin.

Page view/admin/map/script server

Spigot server manager: http://steamcyberpunk.net/minecraft-installation-milkadmin/

Query Spigot/Craftbukkit server: https://github.com/xPaw/PHP-Minecraft-Query

Execute Python script with MCPI dev : http://mcpipy.wordpress.com/

Map world: https://github.com/Zahl/mcmap

Show avatar: https://github.com/jamiebicknell/Minecraft-Avatar


Plugin initialisation (install and uninstall)
Setting menu in admin menu
Option page
CRUD options/settings
Options in array format
CRUD for custom table
Plugin menu for the custom table
Shortcut with and without parameters
CSS and Javascript in the header
Custom icon

Source code : https://github.com/Nekrofage/MinecraftAdministration

Captures d’écran :

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