Installation de Zandronum version 3

Installation de Zandronum version 3

Distribution : Raspbian

1/ Installation des paquets de développement.

pi@minetest:~ $ sudo apt-get update
pi@minetest:~ $ sudo apt-get install mercurial nasm
pi@minetest:~ $ sudo apt-get install libsdl-sound1.2-dev libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev  libsdl-net1.2-dev
pi@minetest:~ $ sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev libfluidsynth-dev libmpg123-dev libsndfile1-dev libgme-dev libglew-dev

2/ Répertoire de travail.

pi@minetest:~ $ mkdir -p JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum
pi@minetest:~ $ cd JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/
pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum $

3/ Téléchargement du code source.

pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum $ hg clone zandronum.orig
pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum $ hg clone zandronum.mod

4/ Sauvegarde du code source.

pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum $ tar cvfz zandronum.orig.tar.gz zandronum.orig
pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum $ tar cvfz zandronum.mod.tar.gz zandronum.mod

5/ Chercher le dernier changeset officiel.

pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum $ cd zandronum.mod/
pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/zandronum.mod $ hg log | less
changeset:   9928:01c6202d7bd9
tag:         tip
user:        Sebastien Chevalier 
date:        Tue Apr 04 12:44:58 2017 +0000
summary: edited online with Bitbucket
changeset:   9927:911d9eb4ba47
user:        ptitSeb 
date:        Tue Apr 04 13:30:52 2017 +0200
summary:     Put Pandora specific code behind a PANDORA define
changeset:   9926:e31d4f077609
parent:      9925:ade9ec6fec86
parent:      9924:56791949b0cf
user:        ptitSeb
date:        Tue Apr 04 10:53:39 2017 +0200
summary:     Merge with upstream
changeset:   9925:ade9ec6fec86
parent:      9898:21667a8bcf21
user:        ptitSeb
date:        Tue Apr 04 10:52:18 2017 +0200
summary:     Made NO_ASM default to ON, as this repo is aimed at ARM devices
changeset:   9924:56791949b0cf
parent:      9898:21667a8bcf21
parent:      9923:b63485819ffe
user:        Sebastien Chevalier 
date:        Wed Mar 08 11:31:54 2017 +0100
summary:     Merged Torr_Samaho/zandronum into default
changeset:   9923:b63485819ffe
user:        Benjamin Berkels 
date:        Sun Mar 05 22:52:46 2017 +0100
summary:     Fixed: CLIENT_SpawnThing didn't call BeginPlay on the spawned actor for "level things" (addresses the regression part of 2625).

Soit : 9923:b63485819ffe

6/ Chercher la limite jusqu’au changeset de la version stable.

pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/zandronum.mod $ cd ..
pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum $ cd zandronum.orig/

– Changeset après le changeset ‘9923:b63485819ffe‘ :

pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/zandronum.orig $ hg log -v -r aee6074
changeset:   9901:aee607444663
user:        Benjamin Berkels 
date:        Sun Mar 12 19:29:47 2017 +0100
files:       src/thingdef/thingdef_codeptr.cpp
Fixed: In DECORATE, ACS_NamedExecuteWithResult, ACS_NamedExecute, ACS_NamedExecuteAlways, ACS_NamedLockedExecute and ACS_NamedLockedExecuteDoor executed the script on client and server instead of only on the server (addresses 3012).

– Changeset indiquant la version final :

pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/zandronum.orig $ hg log -v -r dd3c3b5
changeset:   10013:dd3c3b57023f
tag:         ZA_3.0
user:        Benjamin Berkels 
date:        Fri Sep 01 06:40:50 2017 -0500
files:       src/version.h
- changed the version string to 3.0
- changed BUILD_ID/BUILD_ID_STR to release

7/ Export du fichier ‘diff‘.

pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/zandronum.orig $ hg export -r 9901:10013 > version3.diff

8/ Appliquer le patch.

pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/zandronum.orig $ cd ../zandronum.mod/
pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/zandronum.mod $ hg import ../zandronum.orig/version3.diff

9/ Compilation.

pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/zandronum.mod $ cmake .
pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/zandronum.mod $ make

10/ Lancement de Zandronum.

pi@minetest:~/JEUX/DOOM/Moteur/Zandronum/zandronum.mod $ ./zandronum

11/ Liens.

Fichier ‘diff‘ :
Installation du moteur de jeu Doom : Zandronum :
Importing and exporting using Mercurial :
How to create patch series on Mercurial and Git :
IWads :

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