Emulateur Cray-One : CrayCore

Emulateur Cray-One : CrayCore.

1) Répertoire de travail :

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ mkdir -p EMULATEUR/CRAYONE
pi@raspberrypi ~ $ cd EMULATEUR/CRAYONE/

2) Téléchargement du code source :

pi@raspberrypi ~/EMULATEUR/CRAYONE $ wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/ccore/CrayCore%20V.3/Source%20Only/CrayCoreSrcV.3.zip

3) Décompression de l’archive :

pi@raspberrypi ~/EMULATEUR/CRAYONE $ unzip CrayCoreSrcV.3.zip

4) Compilation :

pi@raspberrypi ~/EMULATEUR/CRAYONE $ make

5) Lancement :

pi@raspberrypi ~/EMULATEUR/CRAYONE $ ./CrayCore
CrayCore Version.0.3, English
Compiled on 21:33:00, Oct 15 2013, by Unknown Individual
How many megawords of memory do you want to allocate? 1
Main memory allocated
Instruction Buffers Allocated
S0:0x0 S1:0x0 S2:0x0 S3:0x0 S4:0x0 S5:0x0 S6:0x0 S7:0x0
Scalar Support:
T0:0x0 T1:0x0 T2:0x0 T3:0x0 T4:0x0 T5:0x0 T6:0x0 T7:0x0
T10:0x0 T11:0x0 T12:0x0 T13:0x0 T14:0x0 T15:0x0 T16:0x0 T17:0x0
T20:0x0 T21:0x0 T22:0x0 T23:0x0 T24:0x0 T25:0x0 T26:0x0 T27:0x0
T30:0x0 T31:0x0 T32:0x0 T33:0x0 T34:0x0 T35:0x0 T36:0x0 T37:0x0
T40:0x0 T41:0x0 T42:0x0 T43:0x0 T44:0x0 T45:0x0 T46:0x0 T47:0x0
T50:0x0 T51:0x0 T52:0x0 T53:0x0 T54:0x0 T55:0x0 T56:0x0 T57:0x0
T60:0x0 T61:0x0 T62:0x0 T63:0x0 T64:0x0 T65:0x0 T66:0x0 T67:0x0
T70:0x0 T71:0x0 T72:0x0 T73:0x0 T74:0x0 T75:0x0 T76:0x0 T77:0x0
A0:0x0 A1:0x0 A2:0x0 A3:0x0 A4:0x0 A5:0x0 A6:0x0 A7:0x0
Address Support:
B0:0x0 B1:0x0 B2:0x0 B3:0x0 B4:0x0 B5:0x0 B6:0x0 B7:0x0
B10:0x0 B11:0x0 B12:0x0 B13:0x0 B14:0x0 B15:0x0 B16:0x0 B17:0x0
B20:0x0 B21:0x0 B22:0x0 B23:0x0 B24:0x0 B25:0x0 B26:0x0 B27:0x0
B30:0x0 B31:0x0 B32:0x0 B33:0x0 B34:0x0 B35:0x0 B36:0x0 B37:0x0
B40:0x0 B41:0x0 B42:0x0 B43:0x0 B44:0x0 B45:0x0 B46:0x0 B47:0x0
B50:0x0 B51:0x0 B52:0x0 B53:0x0 B54:0x0 B55:0x0 B56:0x0 B57:0x0
B60:0x0 B61:0x0 B62:0x0 B63:0x0 B64:0x0 B65:0x0 B66:0x0 B67:0x0
B70:0x0 B71:0x0 B72:0x0 B73:0x0 B74:0x0 B75:0x0 B76:0x0 B77:0x0
Support Registers:
BA:0x0 CA:0x0 CE:0x0 CI:0x0 CL:0x0 CLN:0x0 EA:0x0 F:0xDBCC
II:0x0 LA:0x0 MC:0x0 P:0x0 PC:0x0 RT:0xDC0C SR:0xDC18 VL:0x0
Shared Scalar/Address:
ST0:0xDC54 ST1:0xDC60 ST2:0xDC6C ST3:0xDC78 ST4:0xDC84 ST5:0xDC90 ST6:0xDC9CST7:0xDCA8
SB0:0x0 SB1:0x0 SB2:0x0 SB3:0x0 SB4:0x0 SB5:0x0 SB6:0x0 SB7:0x0
VectorMask: 0xDD24
Number of cycles the last Op took: 0
Number of cycles so far: 0

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